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 Provide a pure, high quality product.

VT-300 Series Satellites purify CO2 by distillation. As the CO2 in the receiver vaporizes and enters the vapor distribution system, impurities such as rust, dirt and water are left behind. The satellite condenses only pure CO2 assuring a clean testing atmosphere and reliable operation of the injection valve and tube. Saturated or subcooled CO2 guarantees the most stable and economical temperature control available.


 Operate for a fraction of the cost of piped LN2 systems.

Even the best LN2 vacuum jacketed piping fills with vapor when not in use. Even during use, heat intrusion into the line guarantees the LN2 to be far less effective than its theoretical limit. The majority of the cooling ability of Nitrogen is lost at any temperature above -178oC (-288oF). Measuring the temperature of the inlet valve to the chamber is generally enough to verify that liquid nitrogen is not reaching the chamber and that all cooling is being done with inefficient nitrogen vapor.


 Eliminate the dangerous handling of high pressure cylinders and dewars.

Regardless of the many safety precautions taken, the safest way to handle cylinders and dewars is not to handle them at all. Since the VT-300 series satellites can be mounted on the roof or in the overhead, valuable floor space will not be sacrificed. High quality saturated CO2 also means less displacement of oxygen in the testing area.


 Provide a continuous supply of coolant for extended testing.

Coolant always seems to run out in the middle of a test. This means that high priced technicians are often taken away form their work to jockey around cylinders or dewars. A CO2 vapor distribution system allows automated testing to be reliably scheduled overnight or during weekends.


 Provides the fastest cool down to -78oC.

Mounting VT-300 Satellites above environmental chambers and utilizing proper liquid line design assures constant availability of high quality CO2. A properly designed liquid line will not deliver vapor, therefore saturated liquid is immediately available when the temperature controller calls for it.


 Move easily to allow for facility modifications.

300 psi CO2 can be easily piped from a receiver throughout a building (or even to additional buildings). Using uninsulated copper lines, changes and additions are easily accommodated.

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