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Addendum to Installation Manual for

VT-300-12WC Satellites

 Notes regarding water-cooled condensers


  1. 1.  Maintaining good water quality is important to the performance and longevity of your condenser and water system. Check the water quality entering the condenser with a reputable water treatment company and follow their instructions carefully. Proper pH will vary depending on water chemistry. A 7.0 pH in very soft water can cause corrosion and should be avoided.

    2.  For water tower applications a proper bleed should be maintained at all times. Water analysis should be made to verify that the water is within acceptable limits.

    3.  Dirt and scale can foul tubes reducing efficiency. Tubes should be inspected regularly and made to verify that the water is within acceptable limits.

    4.  Abrasives such as sand can cause erosion and should be filtered before reaching the condenser.

    5.  Excessive water flow can lead to premature failure. Check your catalog for maximum flows on your model. Very low velocities should be avoided.

    6.  Drain water from condenser if it will be idle for extended periods.

    7.  If the condenser will be exposed to temperatures below 330F, drain it completely to prevent freezing.

    8.  Water should be drained from the condenser before releasing refrigerant charge.

    9.  Always install a pressure relief device in accordance with your local codes. The maximum design pressure for the condenser is 150 psi.

    10.  This vessel is to be used only with R-11, R-12, R-22, R-113, R-114, R-500, R-502 refrigerants. Check with the factory to use with any other refrigerant.





Coolant Stoppage Interlock

This VT-300-12WC Satellite Reservoir has a coolant stoppage interlock. In the event of an interruption in coolant flow, the control system will discontinue flow of refrigerant to the reservoir. Upon resumption of water flow to the Satellite Reservoir, a 2-minute timing cycle begins. After approximately 2 minutes, power is again applied to the control circuit.

This timing circuit also applies to the application of power. The application of power to the satellite reservoir may not cause the compressor to start immediately it may automatically shut down before the 2 minute timing cycle has been completed.


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